Skincare: the fundamentals


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There’s so much I have to share about skincare but the most crucial part of understanding your skin is that what you put into your body, you get out. It is in the most simple things you do that achieve naturally beautiful skin. I still think that those expensive products that have huge claims at giving you the best skin ever can be worthwhile, but, if you don’t provide your body with a healthy start you’re not giving your skin much of a chance.

It goes without saying that drinking plenty of water and eating well massively effects the appearance of your skin. But, most people neglect the benefits of taking vitamins and minerals that benefit your skin from the inside rather than putting a product on your face.

Vitamin A:

Literally a miracle for the skin. Essentially this vitamin normalises skin functions. If you have acne prone skin through any cause Vitamin A will be a great help at getting to the root of the problem. Here’s what it does for the skin:

normalises blood flow and helps to reduce the symptoms of rosacea
increases the rate of wound healing
exfoliates – making skin smooth and even-toned
repairs the cellular structure of the epidermis – optimising your UV protection
decreases clustering of melanin granules – so reducing brown spots or pigmentation
decreases sebum production and so treats acne
promotes a healthy cellular membrane
helps in the eradication of pre-cancerous skin lesions
improves hydration both in and around the cell by doing all of the above

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As well as being good in supporting your immune system, Zinc helps maintain normal skin. This means that it is great at providing the skin with a balance that might be missing if you’re having any sort of problem with your skin. So many people are actually low in Zinc from not getting enough from what they eat and their skin is a sign of that.

Hair, skin & nails:

If you’re not that into looking up different vitamins but still want a healthy appearance then this multi-vitamin is just your cup of tea. It’s a great all-rounder at supplementing your the growth & condition of your hair and nails and the balance of your skin. Even my hairdresser has recommended this to me as it can honestly have such a great impact on all the things you want to be lovely and healthy.

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I’d love to write more on skincare and get further into the actual products I use in my skincare routine so I thought getting to the core would be the best start. Let me know what you think! Any vitamins/supplements that have improved your skin?






2 thoughts on “Skincare: the fundamentals

  1. Taking Omega 3’s makes a huge difference! My skin and hair are so much softer and not dry at all. Also have you heard of Viviscal? It’s a vitamin I take for hair growth….. It is absolutely crazy! My hair has grown so much since I’ve started taking it!!!


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