Weekend in Barcelona


Back in November I flew to Barcelona to spend four days getting to see what the city was like and I fell in love with it. Everything about Barcelona feels very quintessential to the city and unlike anywhere else.Again, I booked it through the trusty app Hostel World and was set for my stay. I flew with EasyJet and found cheap flights on SkyScanner leaving my plenty to spend in the city.

I stayed at Casa Gracia which is a stylish hostel which feels more like a fancy hotel at hostel price. The staff were so lovely and I highly recommend getting their breakfast tickets for a €5 breakfast and coffee. The hostel is on the Passeig de Grácia which adds to the luxurious feel as all the neighbouring buildings down the high-street are designer. With only a couple yards away from the Diagonal underground station you have the city at your feet.


I wanted a weekend of meandering and sight seeing since I had only been back in Europe for about a week. There’s far more to do in Barcelona than you could manage to get done in four days. I chose to see some Gaudí buildings, go shopping and of course go out for wine with friends. So, without too much rambling on here’s a snippet of my photos:


The trip was short and sweet but Barcelona is definitely a place that leaves you wanting more!


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